Sophie Inteligência Artificial


Sophie virtual assistant can learn any kind of content and be highly personalized to meet your needs.


Process automation with low cost, rapid response, standardized service, with possibility of integration with multiple communication channels. All these features with 24 hour availability.


Sophie understands the user with their natural language and can be taught from a simple structure of questions and answers. If an customer service can be taught to a person, it can be taught to Sophie

Cognitive technology

The future is already a reality. As a result of years of effort and investment, Sophie is a globally recognized award-winning virtual assistant. Managing complex service demands through Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Sophie has professionals around the world working to constantly improve the platform, which achieves satisfaction rates of more than 85%.


  • Fast response and efficient personalization
  • Content targeting for different levels of access
  • Wide applicability in several sectors
  • Possibility to use in multiple languages
  • Receiving and sending multimedia files
  • Search on external documents and databases
  • Constant improvement
  • Transfer of service to other communication channels



Sophie can adapt to various communication channels, allowing you to go where the public is, such as Skype, WhatsApp, Skype for Business, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Talk, and Cisco Jabber


The virtual assistant Sophie can also be accessed by voice interactions, diversifying the possibilities of communication and allowing the transition between channels: chat to voice and vice versa.

How it works
Process automation

To automate processes, reduce queues and standardize inquiries, Sophie has integrations with different systems such as CA, ServiceNow, OTRS, BMC Remedy, HP Service Manager, Zendesk, among others

Data analysis

Sophie can be completely customized, the performance and growth of the assistant to the final audience can be monitored with analysis of conversation data recorded by Sophie. This information can be inserted into a custom dashboard and integrated with different BI tools on the market, such as PowerBI.

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Sophie's integration possibilities with other tools are unrestricted

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  • "Automated service with Artificial Intelligence is not only a trend, but a reality in many companies. Aixa will redefine how CAIXA's IT relates to its users, being able to learn exponentially over time from of all the internal IT data available.With Aixa, we became part of the select group that uses this technology to improve the user experience "

    Naran Peçanha
    (Technology director of CAIXA ECONOMICA FEDERAL)
  • "Sophie's number of calls in the opening of tickets is increasing month by month, very close to the conventional human service"

    Agriculture Company


Caixa Econômica Federal

Stefanini wins the Banking Report Award in the category of Self customer service for banks, in partnership with Caixa Econômica Federal, the winning solution uses Sophie technology and includes the cognitive intelligence platform called AIXA.

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Sophie's number of calls in the opening of tickets is increasing month by month, very close to conventional service. AGCO provides farmers with the technology they need to meet the growing demands of food, fuel and fiber.

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Usiminas, a Brazilian flat steel company, global provider of technology-based business solutions, to create a cognitive platform and offer its customers and employees Bob Steel, a virtual assistant who uses Sophie technology.

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